Step and Repeat Banners, Backdrop Banners & Press Banners and for all Special Events

"Step & Repeat Banner", "Backdrop Banner" or "Press Banners" provide an excellent backdrop for any event.   These banners are used by meeting and event planners to photograph special guests and ensure that the logo of each of the sponsors is captured in every shot.   A must at every Red Carpet event. National is the #1 Step & Repeat Banner company in Manahatten located right here in NYC.

We recommend that Step & Repeat banners are produced on our Matte Polyester Poplin (seamless up to 10') for best photographic results.  We have a variety of Banner Stands and Expandable Walls for mounting.

Basically a Step and Repeat Banner is a backdrop display that has one or more sponsor logos repeated in a step or diagonal alternating pattern.

The purpose of a step and repeat backdrop is to emphasize a brand name, company logo or sports team name during media press conferences, red carpet events and special events. The step and repeat backdrop banner is designed for photo opportunities. Step and Repeat Banners are printed on a high-quality, 13 oz banner material and can be sewn, hemmed and have grommets applied. Boards are rigid materials and are generally 4' x 8'. We also offer Step and Repeat boards which are printed on vinyl and mounted to a sturdy board. The most popular sizes for Step and Repeat are 8' x 8', 8' x 10' and 8'x 12'. Custom Step and Repeat orders can be made to any size larger, just call us at Call us at (212)462.4000 or use the contact form and we will handle your custom step and repeat order.

Clients are assigned a project manager to ensure that production, distribution and installation reflect National Flag’s highest standards while adhering to our client’s exact specifications.

We provide hardware to display your Step and Repeat Banner or Board and include easy, step-by-step directions. We can do installations in the New York City. Feel free to call us or use the contact form if you have any questions.

Call now for a fast quote on Step and Repeat Banners at 212-462-4000, or use our quick contact form.

Please provide us your logo(s) in the highest-resolution files possible.

The best type of file is a vector .eps file. Send us your logo(s) either by email or upload directly to our FTP server. 

The best type of logo files for Step and Repeat are:

  • EPS Vector file with outlined art and type.
  • 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 14" wide is extremely good resolution.
  • 72 dpi at 14" wide is acceptable resolution.
Any dpi lower than 72 will pixelate and look too fuzzy and hard to read when blown up large.